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Store: Bonmarché

The popular four different types of jeans are now back in stock at Bonmarché and include the following.

Visit in store today for guidance on the right jean to suit your shape!

·         Sara Straight Leg – ‘Designed to flatter any shape and with a relaxed fit, these are your everyday jeans perfect for all occasions’
·         Betty Bootcut – ‘A modern twist on a vintage style! This shape is ideal for balancing out the hips to create an even silhouette’
·         Susie Slim Leg – ‘A slightly slimmer fit than the straight leg, this versatile and modern jean has the perfect amount of stretch to fit and flatter’
·         Julie Jegging – ‘Combine the sleek look of a skinny jean with the comfort of a legging. These can be paired with anything and everything!’