St Giles

We are proud to be working with St Giles teaming up to spread the word and raise awareness of the value of hospice care, at any stage of someone’s life.

St Giles believes anyone living with a potentially terminal illness has the right to live as well as they can.

They were founded to improve the care of local people dying with cancer and 35 years on they have responded to the needs of those in our community whose illnesses may not be curable such as motor neurone disease, heart failure, MS and respiratory disease.

Their range of services and activities, whether delivered at one of the St Giles sites, in partnership with community organisations,  or at home, all aim to help people feel part of their communities and life the best life they can.

It takes a community to make a hospice and we’d like to thank you all for your support enabling us to continue to help St Giles look after local families who need them.

Whether it’s buying a St Giles lottery ticket, donating your time, getting involved in an event or dropping off a bag of clothes at one of their 30 shops, every single thing counts.

It costs £9 million to deliver care every year and there are still more people that need our help in the community.

Find out how they can help you or how you can help them at